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Having a strong social media strategy is important for so many reasons. Firstly, it is vital all brands engage and grow their audience through social media avenues. From corporate giants, right through to local services, it is important to have brand advocators that like, share and comment on your content. The “word of social mouth” is one of the most natural ways to grow a brand.

Secondly having a social media strategy is very beneficial for your site’s SEO. Social signals are a ranking factor, despite what some SEO’s say. Many times, we have seen a well engaged post increase rankings (even if the increase is just for a couple of days.). If you are constantly posting engaging content, your websites rankings will improve.

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Social Media Services Edinburgh

Social Media Strategy

The first step is to create an in-depth social media strategy and calendar. We analyse your top competitors and draw ideas from your company culture and traditions to create either a 6 month or yearly social media content calendar. We look at the importance of seasonality and industry relevant events to create a highly engaging content calendar.

Social Media Outreach

We then utilise the power of social media sharing and find the most influential bloggers and social media stars in your niche. Often top social media influencers with millions of followers can be too expensive for most businesses other than corporate clients. However not to worry, if you are a smaller local business we find the top local influencers in your area and reach out to them (for example if you are hairdresser in Edinburgh, we would reach out to young women with large Instagram followings in the capital)

Blogging And Content Syndication

Creating quality content for social media channels is key and our content specialists are experts at producing blog content that will help your SEO and increase engagement on your social media channels. Using IFTTT we syndicate blog content from your website out to all your social media channels.

Social Media Automation

In recent times, social media channels like Instagram and Facebook have tried to crack down on social media automation such as automatically following, liking and commenting to grow social media audiences. Luckily we are social media automation professionals and have the best software in the business (and no we are not talking about average tools like followliker). Our software can churn away 24 hours a day (although we rotate time periods to look natural) to increase your social media following.

Engaging in The Right Online Communities

We create a list of topical Facebook and LinkedIn groups where we post all your content to 1000’s of interested individuals. For example, if you are selling HR software for SME’s, we would look for small business groups on LinkedIn where we could share your product and offer to 1000’s of small business owners.

Let us help you grow your social media base and make sure your company has an army of avid brand advocators. We also do paid social media advertisements including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter ads.

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