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SEO Audit & Services

SEO Audit

When it comes to audits, many SEO Agencies are rigid in their approach. They are resolutely assured that their way of dissecting a website is the most effective. This only comes at your cost because what agencies often fail to tell you is that an effective methodology is one that changes with the industry and that’s what separates us from the rest.


Google changes its algorithms 500-600 times a year. What worked yesterday might not work today. We pride ourselves on being a responsive agency with an agile mindset. There is no room for SEO purism, only for results.


Our audits provide you with a comprehensive insight into how optimised your site is for SEO. We adapt our audits to the latest algorithmic changes, allowing us to comb out the smallest of nits hiding in your website.

 Why are SEO Audits so Important?


SEO strategies depend on data in much the same way as buildings rely on mathematics. Inaccurate data leads to ineffective strategies. The data we gather from the audit determines what plan of action is best to take you to the top of Google’s rankings, as well as its time frame.


It all eventually comes down to two main factors that influence your level of success: an increase in traffic and an increase in leads.

 Our Process


We use a number of different tools to extract the finest of details to help vividly illustrate your current SEO standing. Our processes change with the industry but our principles don’t. Detail. Detail. Detail. We’re obsessively meticulous because we’re obsessed with results.


Tools such as Screaming Frog, Deep Crawl and Ahrefs are used to extract important data regarding technical, on-page and off-page issues. We then translate everything into reports and spreadsheets to explain clearly how your website fares against your competitors.


Once everything has been taken into account, a coherent strategy that’s tailored to your site’s needs and objectives is created.


Do I need to order an SEO audit before starting an SEO campaign?

Yes, we require all of the information before we can outline an SEO campaign.

What is the price of the audit?

£250 for a small audit and £500 for a large audit.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an SEO Audit?

We complete all SEO audits within seven days.

Do we get a meeting or call to discuss the audit?

Yes, we can discuss audits in whatever way is most convenient to you. This can be by Zoom, a phone call or a meeting.

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