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PPC Agency Edinburgh

Google Ads Services

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is one of the most common forms of online marketing. Pay Per Click ads are displayed over search engines and social media platforms. PPC advertising is one of the most targeted forms of advertising and if the campaign is set up correctly conversion rates can be significantly higher than less targeted forms of marketing.


PPC Ads are an important weapon for any online marketing strategy. The magic of PPC ads is you can display your product or service to people who are actively searching for them. Our Google Ads agency in renowned for helping local and national businesses achieve high quality targeted leads at an affordable price.


Google Ads and other forms of online paid advertising yield results as soon as the campaign goes live. Unlike SEO which can take months of technical fixes, content creation and link building to garner strong results, PPC is a fast strategy that can provide a return on investment within weeks.


If you are a business based in Edinburgh, please get in touch and we can outline a Google Ads strategy to meet your needs.

Edinburgh’s Leading Google PPC Agency

Our Case Studies

Google Ads ROI Masterclass

Luxury Scotland Tours

It’s easy to say you are Edinburgh’s leading PPC agency, but we like our case studies to do the talking. The most important aspect of any Google Ads campaign or any marketing campaign is a profitable return on investment. Luckily, we have a very close working relationship with Luxury Scotland Tours, Scotland’s leading luxury tour provider. Luxury Scotland Tours are very forward thinking in terms of online marketing and closely track the revenue and profit from each marketing campaign they run. Our Google ads team, after extensive research, set up an international Google Ad campaign in August 2019. The campaign has been running for 7 months and yielded the following results:

Over £220,000 in revenue from a £7000 Google search ad spend.

Over £70,000 profit generated from a £7000 in just 7 months.

A 1000% return on investment.

Our team managed to achieve these results through careful keyword research, single keyword ad groups and a rigorous manual bidding process.


538% increase in conversion rate

Hunter Chalets

Hunter Chalets is a leading luxury chalet operator based in Morzine and Les Gets. Hunter Chalets were looking to quickly generate high quality leads for the upcoming season. Our PPC team conducted an in-depth keyword research before restructuring their Google Ads account. This achieved the following results.


Google ad conversion rate increased from 0.47% to 3%

That is a 538% increase in conversion rate

32% Conversion Rate

Glasgow Family Law

Glasgow Family Law is a trading alias of Jones Whyte Law, one of Scotland’s fastest growing law firms. Our team run the Google ad campaigns for all services provided by Jones Whyte Law, however we were tasked with increasing leads for the family law department. Our team worked on creating a family law specific website and structuring a highly targeted local family law campaign. The following results were achieved.

An average cost per lead of £25.

An extremely high conversion rate of 32%, which previously averaged about 10%.

If you are interested in our Google Ads services then please get in touch today and make sure you are our next case study.


How PPC Ads Can Help Your Business


  • PPC Ads have advanced targeting options that include targeting specific geographic locations, demographics such as income and job title, online users who have previously visited your website, consumers who have engaged with your competitors and more.


  • A well set-up PPC campaign will increase relevant traffic to your website.


  • You will get more website sales and leads. Using conversion tracking, we can see which keyword searches are triggering the most enquires and then we can then redistribute your Google ad budget accordingly.


  • Measure the campaigns success with accurate reporting from Google analytics and monthly reporting that breaks down key metrics such as visits, clicks and conversions.

Our Edinburgh PPC Agency Services

We offer a wide array of Google Ad and PPC services to our clients.
We are a Google AdWords Premier Partner, which means you can have confidence in our paid ads knowledge and expertise.

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Remarketing

Google Search Ads

Google search ads are our most popular service and many of our clients have been overwhelmed with the results we have been able to get them. Google search ad campaigns have the capability to trigger an ad the moment a user makes a search that relates to your product or service. Google search ads are placed above organic results and work on a cost per click model. This means you are only charged if an online user clicks on your ad and visits your website. Our Google ad agency is highly trained and we understand Google’s ad ranking system. Ad rank refers to the position that your ad occupies on a given paid search results page. After years of analysing Google’s ad rank algorithm, our team strategically design ad campaigns around specific criteria to make sure our clients ads have a high ranking position. Techniques that we focus on include, bid optimisation, ad quality, increasing click through rates, landing page experience and improving the accounts quality score.

Google Display Ads

Our agency has vast experience in setting up Google display campaigns that drive relevant traffic and increase brand awareness. Google display ads run on the Google Display Network which includes millions of websites and applications. There is a host of targeting options, including in-market, affinity and custom intent. In short, we can target users based on their online behaviour, predisposed interests and specific criteria like targeting a certain web page.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are a powerful way for an e-commerce site to promote and sell products online. Our team have worked with a variety of e-commerce sites in numerous industries and we leverage shopping ads successfully. Google shopping ads are so effective because they are triggered by a product search query and the ad contains a high quality image of a product listing with a price. Our team will set up a Google Merchant Centre account and a shopping feed for your products. We will then carefully monitor your Google shopping campaign and make sure your budget is maximised in terms of ROI.


Remarketing is a great way to hook in potential customers that did not enquire on the first visit to your website. You might think that if a user visits your website and doesn’t enquire then that is a lead lost. However, with remarketing you can re-capture this prospective client. Our Edinburgh team will set up a remarketing campaign that strategically displays a banner ad to the user on other websites they visit. Remarketing ads have a very low cost per click and can be a great way of generating cheap leads.

Our Edinburgh Google Ads Agency Process

Our revered reputation throughout Edinburgh and Scotland is partly down to our well-oiled processes.

The first step is understanding your product or service. From there we use cutting edge software to find the most relevant keywords with buyer intent. If you already have a PPC account, we undertake a full audit. The audit involves breaking down the current account structure and looking at key metrics like CTR, Cost Per Conversion and conversion rates. A plan of action will be drafted, with various budget options. After discussing the plan with the client and getting the green light, our PPC team kick into action.

Our team will create the necessary campaigns, ad groups and ad copy. Using Google tag manager and analytics, we will set up conversion tracking to monitor online leads.

The assigned account manager will monitor the account on a daily basis as we undertake a manual bidding process. Top performing ad groups and keywords will be monitored and the budget will be redistributed accordingly.

At the end of the month we will create a simple but effective report that displays the key metrics of the campaign. Important metrics such as cost per conversion, click through rate, clicks and number of conversions will be displayed. This report will be coupled with a call or a face to face meeting if you are based in Edinburgh. Your account manager will talk you through each segment of the report.

Pay Per Click FAQ’s

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Google Ads and Pay Per Click advertising will drive traffic as soon as the campaign is live. However, over time the campaign can be improved by analysing historic data. After a few weeks or months, the cost per lead should decrease while the conversion rate increases due to strategic campaign changes.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Google ads work on cost per click model. The average cost per click varies depending on the niche and keyword you are targeting. For example, cost per clicks for personal injury keywords are often over £20 per click, while cost per clicks for other niches like trades, estate agents, accountants can be significantly less. However, Google ads can work with just about any budget and your monthly ad spend is controlled in the budget settings. There is no minimum or maximum spend. Our team will present you with various budget options.

How Much Is Your Management Fee?

This depends on the size of the campaign. For medium to large campaigns (monthly spend over £5000) our management fee is 12% of the overall spend. For small local campaigns we offer a set monthly management fee of £450. Our pricing is transparent and laid out clearly before the campaign is set live.

How Will I Know If It’s Working?

For each account, we set up rigorous tracking for calls, form fill-outs and email link clicks. This is then displayed in an end of month report which shows the highest performing keywords, ad groups and campaigns.

Why Should I Choose You Over Any Other Agency?

Results. We simply get results and have clients that will vouch for us. From ROI case studies to increased conversion rates and traffic reports, we have the data to back up our claims. To read more about our case studies click here.

CONTACT US TO GET STARTED: info@struanbairdseo.com