SEO Law Firm Case Study

Glasgow Law Firm Case Study

Over the last couple of years, more and more law firms have seen the value of online marketing. Lawyers are constantly hiring external agencies and in-house digital marketing managers to help increase the number of leads coming from online sources. Not only are law firms hiring digital experts they are paying large retainers and spending increasing amounts on advertising spend for Google advertisements and in some cases Facebook ads.

This article will break down the tactics we use to help law firms acquire more leads online.

A Visually Appealing Website Created From A User Experience Perspective

The first step is to create a website that will convert leads and is set up from a search engine perspective. A website with quality user experience should make it easy for the customer to get in touch and enquire further about your services.

Features of websites with high conversion rates

-Contact form above the fold on every page
-The phone number above the fold on every page ( clickable)
-A unique selling point. Perhaps you have a 90% personal injury win rate.
-High-resolution images which reflect your companies branding.

attractive home page

Currently, we are designing a new family law site for Jones Whyte law but their current brand site, although a bit dated, still hits a lot of the vital conversion criteria. Including a clickable phone number at the top of each page, a contact form above the fold on the home page, quality images that represent their brand and a strong call to action.

Getting Traffic To The Website

 Having a visually appealing website is only useful if relevant web users are being driven to the site. So how can we help you drive relevant visitors to your website?

Search Engine Optimisation

 Definition- SEO  is the process of getting free traffic from search engines due to ranking high on their listings for keywords which reflect your businesses services.

A variety of different techniques are used to ensure a client’s site is ranked on Google and other search engines for important keywords.

-Keywords need to be inserted in HTML elements such as the Metadata and H tags.

-The site should contain rich keyword filled content. Due to the law niche being so competitive, each service page should have between 500-1000 words of content.

-Relevant pages should internally link through hyperlinking, this helps Google crawlers understand the relevancy of your site and pass valuable link juice.

-Backlinks and off page SEO. Despite what some SEO’s try and claim, link building is still the driving force of strong search engine rankings. We will ensure you get quality backlinks from authority sites including guest posts, online citations and social links.

These tactics above all sound reasonable in theory but do they harvest results? Below is the year onincrease in traffic

There has been a 65% increase in organic traffic from Feb 2018 in comparison to Feb 2017. Over the last month or so rankings have continued to increase and the site ranks high on page one for some of the most competitive lawyer search terms in Scotland.

Page 1 Keyword Rankings Include

  • Solicitors Glasgow
  • Lawyers  Glasgow
  • Litigation lawyers Glasgow
  • property solicitors Glasgow
  • lawyers Glasgow city centre

SEO is a slow process and it can take months to see strong results. However, in the long term investing in SEO pays dividends for your marketing strategy and will increase leads.

AdWords and The Power Of Google Ads

In this multi-faceted online era, you never want to rely on one marketing channel when driving traffic to your site. Google AdWords is the perfect way to supplement your SEO efforts. AdWords is Google’s advertising platform and offers many advertising options including search ads, display ads, Google shopping ads and YouTube ads. However, for law firms, Google search ads work to great effect.

Google Search Ads Definition

 Google search ads work on a cost per click model and essentially you bid on keywords and then your ads are displayed in Google results if those keywords have been searched. Google ads are split into different campaigns and ad groups. For example, you might have one campaign dedicated to family law keywords and one dedicated to property law keywords. AdWords allows great flexibility in terms of geo-targeting and allows you to target cities, towns, postcodes and radius target around certain locations.

Adwords Results & Conversions Between 1st February And 30th Of April 

  • 398 conversions ( conversions are counted as a phone call or form fill out)
  • 25% conversions rate
  • Average cost per lead £11.71
  • The campaign targeted a variety of specialisms including family law, property law, immigration and general solicitor terms

The Power Of SEO & Paid Ads

The combination of a well-planned SEO and Paid Ads campaign can bring a great return on investment. Although the case study above is about the lawyer niche, we have had similar results for a wide range of industries including finance, home improvements, dentistry and more. If you are interested in our SEO and PPC services please get in touch at (0131)247-1403  and we can offer adivce on how to increase online leads for your business.