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Facebook advertising is becoming a hugely popular way of driving leads, sales and improving companies bottom line. Approximately 1 billion people a day sign into Facebook, this makes it a very important platform for businesses to utilise.

Facebook advertising is very cost effective compared to other advertising platforms like AdWords. It can be argued that Facebook ads are “interruption advertising” while AdWords campaigns target people that are directly looking for the product or service. This explains why Facebook ads are cheaper than AdWords campaigns. Facebook has created a robust targeting system, which allows marketers to base ad targeting on geography, age, demographics and interests. This means although technically Facebook ads are “interruption advertising”, with the right targeting your ads will be shown to a highly relevant audience.

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Facebook Advertisement Services

-Integrating and setting up the Facebook pixel (set up to retain data for custom audiences)
-Setting up targeting/budget
-Ad copy
-Ad creatives (photo’s/images)
-A/B testing
-Custom audiences
-Lookalike audiences.
-Monthly reports

We take on 100% of the work from making sure your ads have eye catching creatives and copy, right through to making sure the Facebook pixel has been deployed correctly.

The Power of Facebook Remarketing

Facebook ads can be taken a step further than just advertising to demographics and interests. Remarketing tactics can be used in a similar way to AdWords.

Custom Audiences

This tactic is great for advertising to people which are highly interested in your service. For example, if you have an email list, Facebook ads can be targeted to Facebook feeds of the email owners. Custom audiences can also be used to target highly engaged customers that have already visited your website. For example, if you have an online ecommerce store, a Facebook ad campaign could be set up to retarget to consumers that reached the add to cart stage but never followed through on the purchase. This is extremely powerfully for winning back consumers that were close to purchase.

Lookalike Audiences

This is a great way to advertise to people who match the criteria of your best customers. Facebook can find people that have similar characteristics to your remarketing lists and then target ads towards these similar audiences.

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