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How to Become a Successful Digital Marketing Expert

For one of my first blog posts on my new site, I wanted to share with you exactly how I have started out in my Digital Marketing career.

After leaving school I went to University to get a marketing degree, many people go down this path and looking back it was not worth the paper it was written on. Writing essays all day did not prepare me for progressing in marketing and certainly not the cutthroat arena of digital marketing. I left university without any hard skills and I needed a cold dose of working reality.
In the world of Digital Marketing, there are people with years of experience trying and testing different techniques, with Googles algorithm changing constantly, University courses are out of date before you even start your first semester.
After graduating university, I immediately started an internship at Executive Golf & Leisure, a golf tour operator based in Stirling. I completely bluffed my way through the interview and managed to convince the director and operations manager I could increase the efficiency of their business. After less than a week I was let go, it was quite clear to management, I had no marketing skills and very poor computing skills. Digital marketing skills were not an area covered in my marketing degree and I lacked the foresight to learn these skills in my own time while at university. I was initially disappointed but in all honesty, I was not surprised.
Ironically the day I got fired from my internship was the same day as I received my 1st class honours notification in the post. I achieved one of the highest degrees in my year but this accolade was meaningless in the real world of employment, where practical and tangible skills take presentence.
The day I got let go was disappointing but I understood both the humour and irony of the situation. I have never been known for my modesty, so I thought I would give my university peers a giggle on social media.

SEO Facebook

My university friends relished this opportunity and I got well and truly rinsed, which I thoroughly deserved.

I knew I had to get some hard-digital marketing and computer skills, so I self-studied and undertook a digital marketing internship at Global Voices, a translation company in Stirling. This was a great experience and I was taught the basics very well by my Spanish manager Sara, who continues to teach digital marketing prospects throughout Edinburgh.

After the internship, I moved on to working in a Digital Marketing agency on 19k per year, not a bad salary for someone starting out in the world. However, this is when I understood the current digital agency model does not provide clients value for money. Outrageous management fees are charged; basic SEO work is carried out and overpaid project managers with no digital marketing skills hike up fees. In addition, project managers often veto SEO’s ideas which cause conflicts and a power struggle. This slows down completion of tasks and ultimately the client loses ( this may sound like one badly run agency but since I have contracted at several other large agencies and seen the same). The experience was positive overall and I got to work with two very intelligent digital marketers Joseph and Rich, who I still regularly seek advice from. After a year I handed in my resignation and took the plunge into freelance digital marketing.

Making money online seems easy and there are a lot of snake oil salesmen trying to sell you the newest Facebook ads course or how to be a crypto king. I wanted to find a local expert that had been successful in digital marketing and had a proven track record. I came across a Glasgow based SEO called Craig Campbell and booked a training session. Craig was very down to earth and offered honest advice, he explained advanced strategies and backed up the theory with practical case studies.

My current earnings

After putting Craig’s tactics in place, I sealed some great clients and I am going to reach my revenue target of 6 figures by the end of the financial year.

It goes to show that with a bit of hard work and dedication and dealing with the right people you can make a successful Digital Marketing career without the need to go to university or spending years watching the wrong so-called gurus.

I’m now offering SEO services in Edinburgh, which include SEO, Google advertisements, Facebook ads and digital marketing training.

So you might want to hear more about my mentor Craig Campbell. Craig has been involved in SEO and digital marketing since the start and you really can’t teach this old dog new tricks. Craig has battled against Google algorithm changes and came out on top every time. Craig started out as a successful freelancer before running his own digital agency.

He now offers training courses to agencies and individuals all over the UK, but Craig also runs several other businesses which include client, affiliate work and delivering talks at some of the biggest global digital marketing conferences. Craig is famous for his blunt but honest teaching style, in his own words “he cuts out the bullshit” and only teaches techniques that work.

Craig was doing a speaking event recently and is getting massive plaudits online for his training and speaking style, below are some tweets from people at one of his most recent events.

Craig Campbell SEO

Craig SEO

If any of you follow SEMRush he is a regular host and guest on their webinars and he will be speaking at the UK’s biggest SEO event, Brighton SEO which is on in April 2018 and I believe Craig will be launching a full-on no-nonsense SEO course at this event.

Craig helped me become a successful digital marketer. For any young entrepreneur, it is vital to get the right advice from a successful businessman, that has been there and done it.