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Google AdWords is a great way of driving high converting traffic to your site. Often businesses are put off by the cost of Google Ads or unsure how to set up a successful campaign themselves.

We are Google partners and exam qualified, meaning we have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to run your Edinburgh PPC campaign.

Google ads work on a cost per click model, this makes the ad strategy very cost effective. In other words, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad and visits your landing page.

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Google AdWords Set Up Services Edinburgh

-Firstly, we conduct an extensive keyword research and understand which keywords are most relevant in to your services or products.
-From there we create relevant ad groups and campaigns which focus around each services/product you want to market. For example, if you have a home improvement business and you specialise in garage conversions and conservatory conversions, we would create separate campaigns, ads and landing pages based around each of these services. This helps to improve what is known as quality score.

-Once the keyword research, campaigns, ad-groups, ad text and daily budget has been sorted we either create new specific landing pages or make changes to current landing pages. We make sure to add your phone number, a submission form and a relevant call to action. In addition, we also make sure relevant keywords are placed on the page to improve the quality score.
-Tracking and making sure the campaign is returning a solid ROI is of the upmost importance. With the help of Google Tag Manager (a Google tool that implements tracking codes) we make sure conversion tracking is set up. From tracking simple form submissions to more complex e-commerce tracking, we make sure every penny you spend is accounted for.

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So, what exactly is quality score and why is it important ?

Quality score is a Google rating system for both your ads keywords and your ads. As explained above we make sure your ad text and landing pages are relevant to your keywords. This helps increase your quality and lower the cost per click. The quality score is then multiplied by your keyword bid to decide where your ad is ranked. Our experts know exactly how to get the most out of your budget .

Advantages of Using PPC Services Edinburgh

A lot of businesses gravitate towards SEO because they believe it is “free traffic”. But SEO can take months before noticeable effects are seen and if you are in a competitive niche you may have to invest in link building and high quality guest posts.

This is not an issue with Google ads, once the campaign is live, clicks can be generated within minutes. A second advantage is ads go right to the top of the search engine results

Google Ads have great geographic flexibility, you can target specific countries, cities and even use radius targeting to niche down on specific regions.

Running AdWords can supplement an SEO campaign. If you run an ad campaign, rank in the organic search results and show up in the map pack results, your site will show on the first page three times. If your website is in this position, you will be guaranteed leads .

AdWords campaigns can be great for collecting data on keywords and learning which keywords have buyer intent .This data can be used for the SEO campaign and will help maximise results.