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The rise of online marketing combined with the power of social media makes it imperative that all businesses large or small have a strong presence online.

A lot of businesses are confused about what SEO (search engine optimization) can really do for their business and if SEO is anything more than a commodified snake oil sold by ruthless marketers.

SEO is still a very powerful channel to drive traffic to your site if done correctly. However, many agencies charge outrageous prices and only provide a basic SEO service in Edinburgh. Despite this there are still some great SEO agencies across Scotland that deliver quality results for their clients time after time.

I am an SEO consultant in Edinburgh with a wealth of experience in SEO from smaller clients right through to corporate businesses. Having worked in SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies in Edinburgh I feel the traditional agency model no longer provides clients value for money. Although we are one of the smaller SEO agencies in Edinburgh, every member of our compact team brings hard digital marketing skills to the table, from graphic design and web development to SEO skills. We are a small team that are doing more with less resources.

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Best SEO Company Edinburgh

SEO is a great channel for driving relevant free traffic to your site. For example, if you own a beauty salon based in Edinburgh, ideally you would like to show up on Google for phrases like “beauty salon Edinburgh”, “eyelash extensions Edinburgh” and “nail salon Edinburgh”. These phrases have 100’s of searches a month and if you rank on the first page for these searches you will have a monthly stream of relevant traffic. This relevant traffic will lead to increases in sales and revenue.

The Google algorithm is constantly updated, ranking tactics that worked a few years ago or even a few months ago may not be best practice anymore. We have battled against some of the biggest Google updates and our clients have always come out on top. As a successful SEO company in Edinburgh we are constantly monitoring Google updates and adapting our strategy to appease Google’s guidelines.

Our SEO services , will increase your website traffic and conversions. And most importantly we will help increase your revenue and sales.


Adwords is a great way to drive highly relevant traffic to your website and unlike SEO, it works almost immediately.My team and I are Adwords certified and have run 6 figure budgets right through to smaller campaigns

Facebook Ads

Facebooks ads are a cost effective form of advertising that can yield great results in the right niche.From correctly setting up and using the Facebook pixel right through to using clever re-marketing and look like audiences, we have the Facebook ad skills you need


We are great believers in the power of social media marketing. Social media marketing is great for all businesses. However different tactics are needed depending on your industry

web design

It is absolutely imperative that your business has a visually appealing and functional website that will help generate leads and revenue. Our experienced designers are user experience experts. If we make your website, you can guarantee it will be optimised for search engines

Google Analytics Training

It is vital to monitor the traffic that is coming to your site and understand how it is reacting. From setting up goals to custom audiences we can make sure you understand how to get the most out of your Google Analytics

SEO Audit

Understanding why you website does not rank well in search engines can be a bit of a headache. Let us fully analyse your site and explain the exact issues which are impinging on your site’s search performance


To rank highly in search engines a holistic strategy is needed. Different SEO facets need to be connected to maximise rankings, web site traffic and profit.
There is no one size fits all solution with SEO. The amount of work needed depends on the competitiveness of the industry you are in and the type of keywords that you are targeting. For example, it will take less work on our behalf to rank a client for “tree surgeons Edinburgh” than a client looking to rank for the term “mortgage brokers Edinburgh”.


The first step is to run an SEO audit and conduct a competitor analysis. This tells us what technical issues could be impinging on your sites ranking success,. A competitor analysis gives us a rough guide of how much offsite SEO is needed to outrank competitors. From the audit, we will lay out a strategic plan of action. The plan of action is divided into three major parts, technical SEO, on page SEO and offsite SEO.

  • Technical purity is needed for a strong SEO base. We uncover issues such as duplicate content, 404 pages, SSL certificate, pagination, site architecture, site map and page speed. These technical issues are often missed by less experienced SEO’s who focus solely on unique content, keyword research and outreach. But to maximise performance in search engines a strong technical base is needed.
  • On Page SEO is crucial to ranking success. Firstly, we undertake an extensive keyword research which uncovers the keywords which are relevant to your services and show buyer intent. From here we make sure your pages have keyword rich title tags, headings, media, well-written content with keyword integration and SEO friendly URL’s.
  • Building backlinks is still the strongest ranking factor and if done correctly it can sky rocket your rankings. We focus on building high quality backlinks from niche relevant blogs and local sites. Building backlinks has a reputation for being a dangerous form of SEO and Google has clamped down on low quality backlinks from spammy sources. If you are in a medium to high competitive industry you will need high-quality links to rank well. Luckily we are outreach specialists and can find quality links for all industries.
  • SEO Training Course

    We also offer SEO training. Perhaps you have an in house marketing executive that you would like to undertake the SEO work or run the Google ads campaign. We can help you to learn the everyday basics needed to succeed online

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    Local SEO Edinburgh | Ranking In the Google Map Pack

    Local SEO and ranking in the Google map pack takes a slightly different strategy to normal SEO tactics. However, appearing in the top three of the maps results is extremely powerful for generating leads.

    Our encompassing local SEO strategy starts at the basics. We will create and optimise your Google My Business account. Having a Google My Business account is essential for showing in the map results. From this point we will help you gain positive business reviews and create local citations. Local citations include adding your business to local directories like Yelp, Yell and Hot Frog etc.

    If you are still not ranking in the mappack at this point, then we have a couple more specialist local SEO strategies we can implement.

    Let Us See Where Your Site Needs Improvement

    We are happy to give your site a free SEO audit and create a plan of action and timescale for results