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SEO Edinburgh: We Get Results

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Our SEO Company build and execute tailored action plans that increase traffic and generate more leads for businesses.

Leading SEO Company Looking To Partner Ambitious Businesses

Are you tired of overpriced SEO Edinburgh agencies failing to deliver search results for your website? Ineffectual search engine rankings, dwindling website traffic and a dire ROI are a handful of the traits associated with the traditional SEO agency model. Some people call that bad business; we call that daylight robbery. We can help your business get SEO results today.

Our SEO agency in Edinburgh have a knack of delivering search engine results for our clients websites because we always go the extra mile. Ranging from SMEs through to industry heavyweights and everything in between, we have helped businesses in Edinburgh and all over the United Kingdom reach their seo goals and aspirations by collaborating with them closely to achieve some of the following:

increased website traffic

Return On Investment (ROI)

online enquiry increase

We are a results-driven SEO company in Edinburgh and we care about our clients digital marketing and websites. We know what works and what doesn’t. We strive for long-last relationships and we deplore agency shortcomings. That’s what separates our SEO Edinburgh services from the rest. We want you to succeed. If you are interested in an SEO campaign, then please give us a call.

How our Edinburgh based SEO Agency can grow your business

Search engine optimisation is recognised as the most effective way of achieving business growth in the 21st century and it has the potential to transform your business. SEO services is our bread and butter and we specialise in making sure that businesses like yours get to the top of the search engine.


Our SEO company understands how to weave SEO services, website design and paid search into a digital marketing strategy that yields results. In essence our strategy is simple, we drive highly targeted traffic to seo friendly websites. From local businesses to national organisations our core fundamentals stay the same. Drive high quality website traffic that converts and improve your rankings in search results. Simple email or call us to find out more about our search engine optimisation services.

Data & Case Studies To Back Up Our Claims

Every client is different but most share the same digital marketing, SEO and website ambitions: increase website traffic, improve rankings and gain more market share. Below we’ve outlined some of our previous SEO and digital marketing success stories with our clients to help give you a better idea of how our seo services can help your business.

Jones Whyte Solicitors

Online Enquiry Increase

Jones Whyte have over 25 years of soliciting experience and are regarded as one of Glasgow’s top law firms. During our time working with them, we have helped them deliver:

175% increase in organic traffic.


364% increase in online enquiries.

Space Six Design

Increase in Organic Traffic in One Year

Space Six Design are creative architects based in Glasgow that specialise in revamping existing properties by adding new and unique spaces to the homes of families. Space Six had worked with numerous other SEO companies but they failed to get the desired results. During our time with Space Six Design we achieved the following:

90% increase in organic traffic in last calendar year.


Multiple rankings in the three pack.

Luxury Scotland Tours

Return On Investment (ROI)

Edinburgh based business Luxury Scotland Tours pride themselves on having a global reach, providing families special bespoke tours of Scotland’s most popular tourist destinations. Luxury Scotland Tours wanted a consistent service from an SEO company they could trust.  In seven months, our SEO campaign generated:

£220,000 in revenue and £70,000 profit from only a £7,000 ad spend.

Our digital marketing services provided an ROI of 995%.

What Our Clients Say

To further demonstrate and back up the exponential growth we achieve for our clients, here are a few testimonies from our clients themselves.

 SEO Services In Edinburgh

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC)






How Our SEO Campaigns Work

We follow a systematic approach that harmoniously blends key SEO concepts and practices to provide the framework for a cohesive strategy.
Our process has proven to be a winning formula, helping clients of all sizes and across different industries to achieve quantum growth.


Stage 1

The preliminary stage involves our SEO Experts gathering and analysing important data about your business and the industry you compete in.

audit copy

Technical SEO Audit

A tech audit strips your website down to its bare bones to see exactly how it functions. It analyses all of the technical elements, revealing what aspects make it tick and what areas need to be fixed.


Competitors Analysis

How are your competitors performing compared to you? What keywords are they ranking for? What’s their market share? What content are they producing? What can we learn from their strategy? These are only a handful of the questions we address when researching your competition.


Plan of Action

Based on the data we’ve gathered, we then decide what strategy will guarantee results.


Signed off by Client

At the end of the process, our SEO experts will sit down with you and explain what course of action we believe is most optimal. All data and key findings gathered in stage one are vividly illustrated in reports for you to analyse and question. We discuss our digital marketing strategy with you and wait for your approval. Our aim is to form a long lasting working relationship between our SEO company and your business


Stage 2

Once we’ve dissected your website, we carry out the actions required to fully optimise it.


On-page optimisation

Our SEO Agency will go through your content with a fine-tooth comb and optimise important on-page elements that directly affect your rankings and user’s experience.
These elements include:


Title tag & meta-description

A poor title tag will plummet rankings whereas an effective one will get you ahead of the competition. Meta-descriptions are important from a user’s perspective and have a direct influence on your click-through-rates; a carefully constructed one that includes relevant keywords will encourage users to visit your website instead of your competitors.


Content quality

Content needs to be both compelling and SEO-friendly to attract traffic.

Our Edinburgh copywriters are specialists in harmoniously blending these two important elements to optimise your content.


Keyword insertion

Keywords communicate to Google what your pages are all about and not targeting them appropriately in your content gives them no reason to reward you with strong rankings.

Technical optimisation

This focuses on the nuts and bolts of your website.
Any deficiencies make it harder for Google to crawl your website, which will damage your SEO.
When reviewing your technical performance, we make all fixes when necessary.
These include:


Website speed

Google hates slow websites and punishes them with lower rankings. Our SEO services identify the flaws and make the necessary changes for a leaner and more responsive site.


Keyword cannibalisation

A common mistake that many seo companies are guilty of, keyword cannibalisation is when you have multiple pages on your website that target the same keyword.


XML sitemap

An XML sitemap provides Google with a list of pages from your website that you want them to crawl. It’s a roadmap for Google’s crawlers to follow efficiently, allowing them to fully index your site. Not having one unnecessarily damages SEO.


Dead pages

Dead pages decrease your site’s credibility, loses trust from Google and damages your rankings.


Stage 3

The final stage involves gathering a list of hyperlinks from reputable websites to point to yours.
Known as backlinking and part of a process called outreach, this is seen as a bit of an art in the SEO industry and it’s instrumental to improving your rankings.
Clients are also offered bespoke white hat link building campaigns.
If you would like to see our link building packages click here.

Who do we work with?


Am I guaranteed results?

Yes, if you choose our recommended budget and our digital marketing plan of action we will  increase website traffic and leads for your business.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The time it takes to see results is dependent on a number of variables including budget, the niche competitiveness and the age of your website. However, we like to show results by the six month mark, although it might be longer for a new website.

How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost?

Various factors affect the price of our marketing agency services including niche, the current set up of your site and whether you want to target local or national keywords. However, our Edinburgh SEO campaigns start from £1000 per month. In addition we all provide competitive prices for web design.

Do you do SEO for all industries?

Yes, our SEO company extensive experience in many industries and different types of websites.

Do we get reports and meetings?

Yes, all clients receive a monthly search engine optimisation report and a meeting with our marketing agency. If preferred, meetings can be held via a call or Zoom. Our reports highlight rankings across all search engines, not just Google.

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